Ina May’s Guide to Breast Feeding
Proudly reposted from: Caitlin Hopkins Murray’s Blog
If you do not know who this woman is, I want to you to look her up! She is a BOSS. This woman has such an incredible depth of knowledge, an incredible spirit and manages to write everything in the most honest, humorous, loving way- I really cannot say enough. In a bit, I am also going to review her book, “Spiritual Midwifery” so more about Ina May herself in a bit.
This book is a complete godsend- especially for women like me who felt really prepared for breastfeeding and found it to be excruciating, who are now looking back and thinking, “what the hell happened?”
I’ve been researching on the internet, throughout other texts, etc to find the potential answers- and I am telling you, none of them covered even what she manages to nail with factual evidence and years and years of support in the first 12 pages. GENIUS! And to boot- incredibly interesting… this book is stuffed to the brim with well broken down facts about the female body, what hormones are required for proper bonding and feeding and how they are directly linked to the steps of natural labor, facts about breastfeeding worldwide, more and more interesting facts about female bodies- it’s super neat! Also, there is a MASSIVE resource chapter at the end of the book- as well as the last bit, humorously and yet with great honesty, tackles the ridiculous issue which this country faces more than nearly anywhere else, which is (as she has deemed it) “nipplephobia.”
A great book of truth, wisdom and hope for the present and future, this is an absolute must for any Mom and even any Dad- that’s right dudes, I have confidence you guys would dig this too- who have a child, one on the way or are in any stage of their parenting life. 5 freaking stars.

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