How to Raise Happy, Self-Confident Children

The world can be a stressful place, but it doesn’t have to affect you and your family. Here are some of the best ways to raise happy children who will be ready to take on the world with a smile on their face If you want to be a successful parent, you need to take time to fully understand what your children need in order to be self-confident, happy, and healthy. Here some tips that can help you be that successful parent ~

Make Your Child a Priority

Some parents show their children how much they love and value them by working hard and providing for their families. This is a wonderful thing to do, but children don’t always realize that it is for them. The most precious item that you can ever give your kids is your time. That includes reading books aloud with them, or in the case of younger children, having them read their favorite stories to you. It also includes sharing your stories and adventures with them. You can talk to them about what mommy and daddy were like when you first met, or what you did when when you were a child. Stepping away from work every night and having dinner with your family shows how much you value them. Simply showing up for a school play, every once in a while, is also great. When your child gets older, they will value the experiences they had with you more than the memory of the latest and greatest toy they had. Be physical with your children. Hold your children, touch them, kiss them. When your children know that they are loved by you, then they will learn to love themselves. That includes learning to feel good about themselves, to feel attractive, and to lived confident happy lives.

Empower Your Child

Allow your child some freedom; let them try things on their own. For instance, small children may love sorting socks, children in elementary school may like picking out new fruits and vegetables at the store, and older children may want to try their hand at cooking. Keep your child safe, but also allow them to try new things with your support. It will help them enhance their self-esteem, feel a little freedom, and learn how to take care of their own problems. This will help both you and your child in the future.

Help Your Child Learn

Children spend a large amount of time at school, and doing homework. If they are fall behind, it means that time spent in the classroom will likely be stressful. Help them out by sitting with them as they do their homework, and answering questions. If they are behind, try not to make them more stressed about the situation. Since many subjects build on previous knowledge, they may just need a refresher on a previously covered topic. They can easily bounce back with your help.  Your kids learn by example, so if you want your children to be healthy, fit, attractive, and kind – then you need to live that way yourself. You want to show your kids that the two most important people in their lives, mommy and daddy, share a happy and healthy life, eat well, and loving communication. Children want to feel proud of their parents – and it’s part of your job to make them feel proud.

Teach Your Child Balance

Get involved in activities that your kids are interested in. Whatever age your children are, start to enthusiastically play with them during these activities. Whether it’s spending a few moments hand-painting with them, or throwing around the ball each afternoon. If you have teenagers then spend time talking about their interests. It’s easy to keep putting this off – so don’t procrastinate, start today! If your child shows interest in an activity, help them pursue this activity. Karate lessons, playing the piano, soccer games, they are a great way to get your child involved in a new activity. It also lets them meet other children, and follow their passion. But be careful not to let your child (or yourself) get overwhelmed. Following passions is great, but your child will also need to relax once in a while. Teaching your child how to unwind can be just as valuable as driving them to yet another lesson. Planning a family movie night or a fun outing can show your child that they can work hard, and then play hard too.

Limit How Often Your Child Sits in Front of the TV…Or Computer

Children cannot always process the graphic images they see on TV or the computer. They may be watching a perfectly innocent show, but the commercials in between may contain graphic images. You may be watching the weather when the next story is about a murder. These images are difficult to avoid completely. However by limiting your child’s exposure, you can limit what they see. Try spending more time interacting with your child. As a bonus, interacting with your child is a lot better for their development than any educational game, video, or device. In a simple conversation over dinner, your child picks up new vocabulary, learns how to form sentences, and absorbs more about life (and their parents) in general.

Set a Good Example

If you have a case of road rage in the car while on the way to school, the other drivers will likely not hear what you say, but your child in the backseat is definitely listening. Having an overall positive attitude will set a good example for your child. Children often emulate their parents when they grow up and start their own families. If you want your child to have successful relationships, show them how to do so by treating your husband or wife with love and respect. Also, bring them along as you gather coats for the homeless, or simply let them see you dance around the living room. Being a day-to-day role model for your children will help them lead a happy life. It’s critically important to be honest with your kids, at all times. When you show them that you have integrity and are respectful with honesty, they will want to emulate that aspect of you. Start listening more attentively to your children. You want them to have absolutely no doubt that you are genuinely interested in them, their feelings, and their lives.

Be open and friendly to your child’s friends, and encourage them to hang out at your house. Many parents are uptight, and have too many rules that will make your child’s friends feel unwelcome, and in turn will damage your own child’s self-esteem. But, if you show your child that their friends are welcome and that you accept their choice of friends in the home, then that sends a message of acceptance and trust of about their decisions. When you believe in your children then they will learn to believe in themselves.


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